Monday, January 21, 2008

Sense and sensibility

Bipasha and Deepika have the goat’s security and resilience

Virtues like calm, composed and charming best describe a Capricorn woman. They are flirtatious but rarely vulgar and come across as sensible, quiet and rooted in their personality. What better example of the above Capricorn qualities than Bipasha Basu, the sultry doe eyed femme fatale on one hand and the girl next door, Deepika Padukone with her face that is currently on the cover of every magazine and hoarding in town.

Both these girls epitomise the Saturnine quality of earthiness as well as of sense and sensibility, of not letting their success take advantage of them and yet enjoying their success and their position which is important for Capricorns along with security, authority and respect.

Bipasha exudes sensuality in any and all the roles that she has done whether it was in her debut movie, Ajnabee or in her latest Dhoom II. She is as comfortable doing a village nautch in Omkara as when she is dressed in a suit in Corporate.

Just one movie old, Deepika too carried her dual role in Om Shanti Om, with ease and élan. This emanates from the Capricorn’s deep sense of knowing and balancing the right and the correct.

Although Capricorn women appear to be in control all the time, the truth is that they are prone to internal turmoil of achieving and keeping their position and securing and balancing their future. This does not show easily on the surface because of their ruling planet, Saturn.

Capricornians are earthy signs. They need tangible security, even in love and romance. This doesn’t mean that they do not dream but their dreams are well rooted in reality. They demand loyalty, respect and security from their mates and will rarely rush into fleeting romances.

This probably explains the long committed relationship Bipasha has with John, whose Sagittarian flight of fantasy probably stipulates the earthy Capricorn in her. Also with Deepika, who is currently rumoured to be dating a Sagittarian —Yuvraj Singh. The coincidence doesn’t end here. Bipasha is a number 7 in numerology and John is a number 3. In the case of Deepika, she is number 3 and Yuvraj is a number 7.

A Capricorn and a Sagittarius combination is not the very best. It requires effort and working by the partners; in the case of these two couples, it is the numbers 3 and 7 that are very compatible which is the reason behind their compatibility.

It is believed that Capricorn girls age reversely and grow beautiful, appealing and feminine as they age, so watch these girls closely. They are not done yet, as their charm has just started and will grow with each passing year.

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