Monday, January 21, 2008

'Deepika never had a Bollywood dream'

Bangalore: Deepika Padukone never aspired to be a Bollywood actor and was always interested in modelling and the fashion industry, says her father.

The model-turned actress shot to spotlight with the success of her first film Om Shanti Om (OSO), co-starring Shah Rukh Khan. "She was always interested in modelling... In the fashion industry. We knew that her interest was towards that (modelling) and she had done a few ads when she was still in school... Films were not anywhere on her mind initially," recalls Prakash Padukone, former badminton champion.

"She wanted to be a model. And it was only when she was modelling - she modelled for about two years - I think somewhere down the line... During that period, she decided she would try her hand in acting also," he said.

Asked whether he had any regrets on his daughter not taking up a sports career, Padukone said, "We, both me and my wife, believe in encouraging our children in whatever they are interested in not imposing our views. That way, they excel when you enjoy whatever you do".

"Because, these days, there are opportunities in any field. One does not have to be an engineer or doctor to make a good living. There is scope for an artist or a singer or a performer in the last five years or ten years.

"So, we were very sure that we would encourage them in whatever field. That's also been our experience in the past. You push somebody into something which you want them to be, then both will be disappointed, and they may not be inclined," he said.

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