Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deepika Padukone walks the ramp for 'Mai Mumbai on LFW - Winter 2009

Deepika padukone Walks on the ramp of Lakme India fashion week Fall winter collection 2009.The Show Named My Mumbai Aka MAI mumbai to show the Solidarity Of Nov 26 Mumbai terror Attacks,Designers from india and World participated on the show and exhibit their work.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Deepika padukone get neglected at Lakme Fashion Week

Mumbai: Talk about turf wars. At the Mai Mumbai show, Preity Zinta cheered for many friends from Bollywood -- from Arjun Rampal to Farhan Akhtar. But when Deepika Padukone walked the ramp, Preity just didn't seem to be enthused. Now, was there a twinge of jealousy?

Earlier, Manish Malhotra's front row on Friday saw a Bollywood full-course meal with Deepika, Asin, Anushka Sharma, Riteish Deshmukh and even yesteryear star Sridevi. But what we saw was Deepika being ignored by both Asin and Anushka -- with the newbie having nowhere to look except sheepishly concentrate on the show.

While rivalries are part and parcel of Tinseltown, what was interesting was that Asin was also chatting up Sophie Chaudry who was sitting to this South Indian actress's right. Deshmukh was sitting between Anushka and Asin and all three bonded well as they could be seen giggling and chatting happily. Only poor Deepika was left out. She was only seen conversing with Sridevi, who was sitting to her left.


In the 1960s, actress Sadhana styled her hair with a fringe and it became a craze. Now more than four decades laterDeepika Padukone has rekindled the magic of this bygone hairstyle with her recently released movie "Chandni Chowk To China".
"Sporting a fringe will be the coolest thing of this year as the style is back in vogue. Fringe hides your age and makes you look younger. Fringe goes well for people who have a broad forehead - when fringes fall on their forehead, it gives a definite shape to their face cut," said stylist Mallika Bhat.
Bhat had styled Deepika's look for "Chandni Chowk To China". Though the film isn't doing well at the box office, Bhat says the fringe is a hit among young girls and they have already started copying the cut.
Fringes or horizontal bangs are a shaped cut of the front part of the hair so that it falls on the forehead. A typical fringe is cut fairly straight above the eyebrows.
Celebrity stylist Ryan D. Rozario says that there are different ways of cutting a fringe, depending on the face cut.
"Face cut plays an important role and oval-shaped face is the perfect face-cut for a fringe. But if you are not oval-faced then leave it to the stylist who can cut your fringes in such a way that it goes well with your face shape," Rozario told IANS on phone from Mumbai.
Fringes that are expected to be popular this season are asymmetrical fringe that start away from the centre of the eyebrow and move diagonally across the face, heavy fringe that start from the ear and move across the face and side-swept fringe in which hair swoops across the forehead slightly covering one eye.
Javed Habib says hair texture plays an important role in deciding whether a person should go in for a fringe or not. He suggests people with fizzy hair should stay away from fringe.
"People with curly hair should stay away from this style as it will be an absolute disaster for them. Fringes are essentially meant for straight hair. If curly-haired people go for this style, it will be very difficult for them to maintain it," said Habib.
But stylist Sylvie didn't agree with Habib and said: "If a person with curly hair wants to go for them, she should get it done; all she needs is to do is to put some extra efforts like ironing the fringes or use a straightener."
Another stylist Samantha Kochhar suggested one should add a dash of colour on the fringe to make a style statement.
"One should go for solid colours to colour their bangs; it looks sexy and different, you can make a style statement with it," Kochhar said.
But there is a word of advice from Rozario for those who are ready to go for this ultra-chic look.
"You shouldn't try it before any major function or wedding as it might ruin your day if the style doesn't go well with your face. The cut just falls straight on your face and you cannot even hide it. So better try this cut in advance to escape any fashion disasters," Rozario said.
"Maintaining these fringes also requires time as they grow faster and require regular trimming," he added.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

An angel says no to SRK...

With Knights And Angels reaching its semi-final stage this week, the competition only gets tougher and the girls are just one hurdle away to becoming SRK’s angels.

The celebrity guest this week is none other than the charming Deepika Padukone, who also has a sports background. She will be seen cheering the girls and giving them moral support and advice. But wait... we have something even more juicier for you. A little birdie tells us that SRK’s team was in for a bouncer this week when one of the semi-finalists decided to back out.

Yes! You’ve read right. Prarthana Shah, a Mumbai participant walked out of the show, due to family pressures. Apparently her family was fine with her participating in a reality show but didn’t want her to be bound by any contract, as they had other plans for her. Well, as they say someone’s loss is someone else’s gain. Delhi girl, Suhani Sharma got lucky with Prarthana opting out and she now gets to compete in the semi-finals. We all know that Dada takes his job quite seriously. And with SRK giving him the responsibility to select the angels to support the Kolkata Knight Riders, dada just goes a step further.

With Knights And Angels reaching the semi-finals this week, Dada decided to take the level of competition a notch higher. After all, just having a pretty face and dancing skills ain’t enough right? So, Sourav decided that he would test the cricketing knowledge of these young girls to see if they were aware of the basic rules of the game. To his dismay the girls’ knowledge was average. He was firm with the girls and told them to buck up and, as they have to be aware of what’s happening on the field in order to cheer the team. All we can say is that we love your enthusiasm for the game and we hope your team performs well, dada. Catch this exciting episode of Sunsilk present Knights And Angels this Saturday March 28 at 10 pm only on NDTV Imagine

Friday, March 27, 2009

Deepika Padukone on Harper Bazzar Mag April Issue

Align RightA gorgeous beach in Phuket, the white sand, the colours of the sun and Deepika Padukone setting the frame on fire…

Could anyone ask for more? Maybe not!

Wait a minute! There is more to this pretty picture. And who would know that better than Harper's Bazaar's Cover Girl Deepika Padukone.

"The weather today has been so hot. Everyone is complaining about the heat," says Deepika.

While most would think shooting in Phuket is a piece of cake, but it's a far cry from that especially when the creative head, Nupur Puri, wanted nothing less than a perfect picture.

And did Deepika deliver, sure she did.
Being the thorough professional, the gal overcame her fears with aplomb.

"There was a shot where I was asked to get into water waist deep. For a second I thought what if a crab or a snake comes near my foot. I was so scared because I just encountered a snake yesterday. But then I said, if it's for the shot and the shot has to look good then I have to forget all these things."

Those are just a few perils of being a cover girl… put everything behind you and smile on every click

While Deepika was braving the heat, the water current and her fear of creepy crawlies, photographer Atul Kasbekar and his assistants were pulling all strings to get the perfect light, the tone and the shot.

"We are primarily shooting backlit. So the entire feel of the feature and the cover is against strong, strong back light. So our entire look and feel is essentially based on the lighting treatment we are working on. So it will be distinctive for this feature," says Kasbekar.

While the model and the photographer both knew their job well, what also added to the final look and feel of the shoot was camaraderie between them.

Deepika was comfortable with Atul and worked like a dream. Atul couldn't stop raving about Deepika's complexion, her Indian looks and her presence in front of the camera.

All in all a welcome change from the regular studio set up that also gave everyone on the shoot a chance to bond.

Even though photographer Atul Kasbekar referred to Deepika Padukone as an "expensive prop" for the shoot, most people would think that the expensive prop sure made for a priceless cover page.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deepika turns into a rangeeli gal!

There’s no doubting that babe has a colourful life, (no reference to her love-life, yaar). We mean pure holi ke rang.

Yeah, Deepika Padukone was in no mood to drench herself in water and flaunt greens and reds all over, but was left with little choice. On Holi day the kids in her building persuaded her to play holi with them. At first she said a big NO, then of course, the sweetie that she is, she couldn’t refuse her fans.

She quickly changed into Holi-proof gear, and rushed down for some rang barse with all of them. But then the same li’l ‘uns turned into colourful gremlins and attacked her with every colour. After which even Ranbir would’ve had a tough time recognising his colourful gal. Thankfully, she wasn’t shooting the next morning; we doubt the cameras would like to picture such a rangeeli babe. Well, if it was anything like our original Rangeela girl — that would be a fab picture, no?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Deepika Padukone at Knights and Angels Semi finals

As cricket fervor is gaining momentum across the country, Knights and Angels reaches its semi-final stage this week. With competition getting tougher, the girls are just one hurdle away to becoming SRK’s angels. Keeping the spirit of sportsmanship alive the girls are all set to sizzle on stage and prove themselves worthy of becoming cheerleaders for the Kolkata Knight Riders.

After days of rehearsals and tough decisions the time has finally arrived when these 16 girls will be for the first time be judged by their mentor Shiamak Davar. Shiamak in his “fabulous Hindi’ will be seen giving some “Vishesh Tippanis’ on the performances of his students. He also has a surprise in store for one of the contestants.

Joining Sourav and Shiamak this week on the Judge’s panel will be stunning and elegant Deepika Padukone. The “Dhumtana’ girl who hails from a sports background herself will be seen giving words of encouragement to these young girls. Chief justice Sourav, the taskmaster that he is will be seen putting the girl’s cricket knowledge to test. As always, vivacious host Purab Kohli will be seen cheering the girls while Mascot Hoogly lightens the atmosphere with his Shero Shayari.

The girls impressed mentor Shiamak with their dance moves, so much so that this ace choreographer could not stop himself from going on stage to shake a leg and groove to the music. He even took the charming Deepika by surprise when he yanked her to perform on stage with him leaving her tickled pink. And if all this leaves you gasping for more, then get ready for an electrifying performance by Kolkata-based Band Chandrabindu who add another “Bong’ effect to the show.

So become a couch potato and tune in to the nail-biting semi finals of Sunsilk presents “Knights and Angels’ this Saturday March 28th at 10 pm only on NDTV Imagine.

Guess Who IS Deepika Padukone Style Icon

She’s a promising actress and a stunning model on the ramp. But who is the woman Deepika Padukone wants to emulate?

It’s the iconic British actress Audrey Hepburn whom Deepika calls her “style icon”. In fact, Deepika’s dream roles are the ones played by Hepburn in movies like 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' or 'Roman Holiday'.

The actress, who walked the ramp at the just concluded Wills India Fashion Week (WIFW) is now set to begin shooting for an offbeat psychological thriller titled Kartik Calling Kartik in which she’s paired with Farhan Akhtar .

ust like Hepburn who was mostly known for her chic and elegant style, Deepika doesn’t believe an actress has to take off her make-up to prove her mettle.

“Take off your make-up and only then you can do serious cinema?” Deepika questions the convention, adding, “but glamorous roles and a glamorous screen presence do not make one a non-actor. The content of cinema is also changing, evolving... it is no longer the regular boy meets girl.”

Deepika says she wants to play all kinds of roles in all kinds of genres and will always be critical of herself and her work.

Her next release, by the way, would be Imtiaz Ali’s Love Aaj Kal with Saif Ali Khan .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Deepika's dream role

Deepika Padukone has had a dream-run in Bollywood with just three releases, but the model-turned-actress says her dream is to play the elegant Audrey Hepburn, her style icon.

'I would like to play Audrey Hepburn, my style icon, in movies like 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' or 'Roman Holiday',' Deepika told IANS on the sidelines of the Wills India Fashion Week (WIFW) Saturday, where she walked the ramp for Ranna Gill and Rina Dhaka's collections sponsored by luxury brand Fiama Di Wills..

After debuting opposite Shah Rukh Khan in 2007 hit 'Om Shanti Om' and doing 'Chandni Chowk To China' with Akshay Kumar, Deepika's next is 'Love Aaj Kal' alongside Saif Ali Khan. And she is all praise for filmmaker Imtiaz Ali of 'Jab We Met' fame.

'I enjoyed working with Imtiaz Ali in his movie 'Love Aaj Kal', where he cast me opposite Saif. It was a dream working for a sensitive director like him. Imtiaz just seemed to know the kind of person we were and brought out the best in us. He guided all through the movie,' said the leggy beauty who was dressed in a simple black halter-neck.

Deepika is now looking forward to begin work for newcomer Vijay Lalwani's 'Kartik Calling Kartik', which also stars actor-director Farhan Akhtar and Boman Irani.

'It is an offbeat movie, a psychological thriller. But I am not going to talk much about it,' she said.

The actress admits she has a soft corner for action movies, though all genres appeal to her.

'An action movie is something I have always wanted to do, but I cannot specify any real genre that appeals to me. Cinema today is changing. And as an actor, I will never throw my hands up... will never be happy saying this is the best character I have portrayed. I am critical of myself, rarely happy,' said Deepika.

As Indian cinema changes to adapt new formats and contents, Deepika feels the role of women in cinema is also changing.

'It is becoming more challenging. Even in the past, there were movies where women did not have to run around trees. An actress could opt to show off her talent.'

People, she explained, have this strange notion that if a woman wears make-up, she cannot be taken seriously.

'Take off your make-up and only then you can do serious cinema. But glamorous roles and a glamorous screen presence do not make one a non-actor. The content of cinema is also changing, evolving... it is no longer the regular boy meets girl,' the actress said.

Deepika usually decides on the projects she takes up after reading the scripts.

'The movies are my call though I run my parents through what I am doing. But they are new to movies, hence unfamiliar. But after 'Om Shanti Om' and 'Bachna Aai Haseeno', I have matured,' she said.

The actress confesses that she is not much of a bookworm. 'But I am reading the 'Kite Runner' now and it might turn out to be the best book I have ever read. I have grown up listening to all kinds of music - from Kishore da to Mohammed Rafi,' she said.

Deepika, who is former badminton player Prakash Padukone's daughter, says she was good in other sports besides badminton as well.

'Apart from badminton, I played state-level basketball, baseball and was an athlete,' she said.

deepika Tarun Walk on ramp

Deepika Padukone seems to be one girl who never gets tired of the spotlights and grease paints. After having won hearts as a model, supermodel and actress, Deeps was recently back to what she is best doing: 'Setting the ramp on fire'!

If the reports are to be believed, then, it was Deepika aka 'Destiny's Showstopper', who came out as the apt choice to be the Showstopper at the 'Delhi Fashion Week 2009' for the designer Tarun Tahiliani. Even as 'Little Miss Deeps' was strutting the ramp, one just could not believe that it was actually Deepika who was Tarun's muse, as it's a known fact that Tarun has always been a Shilpa Shetty loyalist.

All said and done, full marks to Deepika for her shimmering presence on the ramp. Her red and maroon gown simply set the ambience just right for the day. Full points to this stunner for maintaining her trademark saccharine smile throughout the show, despite the summer at its worst. Way to go, Deepika!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Deepika Sonam's cat-fight continues

They claim to be friends but they are not. Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone refuse to pose together for Vogue magazine. When they were approached to shoot together, they politely declined the offer and claimed for individual shoot.

A source tells all, "Deepika and Sonam haven't been shot together, and the magazine thinktank thought it's be a great idea to get the Saawariya and the Om Shanti Om girls in the same frame. Not just because they made their debuts at the same time, but also because they were of the same age, and are friends, as well as rivals.

The idea was to get the girls into a mock cat fight. They were asked to wear a shirt, denims and jacket and get into a fight over a boy's t-shirts. The visuals had to show them as two tom boyish girls fighting over a boy's clothes."

This is not the end, Sonam even refused to share the same platform with Deepika at the recently held Filmfare awards when she was asked to host with Deepika. Finally, Konkana joined Deepika.

However, when contacted Sonam denied the entire incident and said, "It's not true".

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Deepika Padukone Is A Lonely Girl!

Deepika Padukone is a star in just few movies and she is raring to go higher than that. She is on cloud nine yet she has her feet placed firmly on the ground. She hasn’t lost it at the top.

Both me and my sister have been taught to be self dependent. I am 23 and very proud of it. I’m young and raring to go.

Age has nothing to do with maturity. I started traveling alone at a very young age (12) as a badminton player. That made feel responsible from a very young age. I learnt to travel in a team share dormitories and bathrooms.

You could say I’ve roughed it out. My parents made sure my sister and I were brought up with normal working class values.”

She says she is not a party animal.

I’ve never been the partying type. I’m not much into celebrations ever since I moved to Mumbai to become an actress. I don’t have any friends to call over.

Earlier when I was in Bangalore I used to call all my friends over for my birthday over and then take them bowling or to watch a movie…

She trails off. “Now all my free days are spent with my family. My entire family comes down from Bangalore to Mumbai for my birthday every year. It becomes a family reunion time. The came to visit me around my birthday. My Dad, mom and sister were here. We also paid a visit to Tirupathi for my birthday this year.

Apni seedhi saadhi Deepika!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deepika Padukone Playing Badminton Pictures ,Stills

Deepika Padukone endorse Orbit chewing gum

NEW DELHI - After endorsing brands like Fiama Di Wills, Pepsi, Kingfisher Airlines and Tissot, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has now signed up as the brand ambassador of Wrigley’s sugar-free chewing gum Orbit.

It is for the first time that the brand has partnered with a film actor to promote oral health benefits, a statement said.

Deepika’s association with Orbit will synchronise well with the brand and its objectives. We believe that this association would help us achieve widespread awareness about the importance of oral care and the benefits of chewing Orbit sugar-free chewing gum,’ a company spokesperson said.

Deepika said: ‘I am proud to be associated with Orbit sugar-free chewing gum, which is a convenient and portable way to help maintain and improve oral health anytime, anywhere - at home, in the car and during shoots.’

The company plans to leverage Deepika for its advertising campaign which will be launched in March.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Deepika Padukone Sizzles Cover of FHM Magazine - Feb 2009

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone the silver screen goddess has been in the media glare. Deepika Padukone Sizzles on Cover of FHM February 2009 Edition.

Deepika Padukone promotes Bangalore Marathon

Deepika Padukone, will be the face of the Bangalore marathon, to be held on May 18, and she is not charging the sponsors a paisa for it.

Sports is in Deepkia’s genes, since she is badminton ace Prakash Padukone’s daughter, and Bengaluru, where her family still resides, is her city.

Deepika, studied at Sophia High School and Mount Carmel College in the city and played badminton for Karnataka, before taking up modeling as her career. As one of Bollywood’s hottest newcomers, she doesn’t have time to pursue sports anymore, but is thrilled at an opportunity to promote a sporting culture
Deepika’s spokesperson reveals that she is not charging any fee to endorse the marathon and adds, “Deepika has a very strong affinity for sports having being an athlete herself, and someday hopes to have a foundation which will support sportspersons across India especially women who need Special training but don’t have the funds for it.

The source adds, “She wants to use her popularity to encourage more people to take part and instill pride in the city Deepika will also flag off the run and might run the dream run herself.”

Deepika admits, “I have been closely associated with sports as I have been an athlete all my life. In Bangalore, it will be nice to get people together to run and help the various causes associated with the marathon.”

“I am going down next week to announce and promote the marathon. I have always had a sports connection in lots of ways since childhood and Bangalore is my home city. Also I have always promoted fitness and health.”

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