Thursday, March 26, 2009

Deepika turns into a rangeeli gal!

There’s no doubting that babe has a colourful life, (no reference to her love-life, yaar). We mean pure holi ke rang.

Yeah, Deepika Padukone was in no mood to drench herself in water and flaunt greens and reds all over, but was left with little choice. On Holi day the kids in her building persuaded her to play holi with them. At first she said a big NO, then of course, the sweetie that she is, she couldn’t refuse her fans.

She quickly changed into Holi-proof gear, and rushed down for some rang barse with all of them. But then the same li’l ‘uns turned into colourful gremlins and attacked her with every colour. After which even Ranbir would’ve had a tough time recognising his colourful gal. Thankfully, she wasn’t shooting the next morning; we doubt the cameras would like to picture such a rangeeli babe. Well, if it was anything like our original Rangeela girl — that would be a fab picture, no?

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