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In the 1960s, actress Sadhana styled her hair with a fringe and it became a craze. Now more than four decades laterDeepika Padukone has rekindled the magic of this bygone hairstyle with her recently released movie "Chandni Chowk To China".
"Sporting a fringe will be the coolest thing of this year as the style is back in vogue. Fringe hides your age and makes you look younger. Fringe goes well for people who have a broad forehead - when fringes fall on their forehead, it gives a definite shape to their face cut," said stylist Mallika Bhat.
Bhat had styled Deepika's look for "Chandni Chowk To China". Though the film isn't doing well at the box office, Bhat says the fringe is a hit among young girls and they have already started copying the cut.
Fringes or horizontal bangs are a shaped cut of the front part of the hair so that it falls on the forehead. A typical fringe is cut fairly straight above the eyebrows.
Celebrity stylist Ryan D. Rozario says that there are different ways of cutting a fringe, depending on the face cut.
"Face cut plays an important role and oval-shaped face is the perfect face-cut for a fringe. But if you are not oval-faced then leave it to the stylist who can cut your fringes in such a way that it goes well with your face shape," Rozario told IANS on phone from Mumbai.
Fringes that are expected to be popular this season are asymmetrical fringe that start away from the centre of the eyebrow and move diagonally across the face, heavy fringe that start from the ear and move across the face and side-swept fringe in which hair swoops across the forehead slightly covering one eye.
Javed Habib says hair texture plays an important role in deciding whether a person should go in for a fringe or not. He suggests people with fizzy hair should stay away from fringe.
"People with curly hair should stay away from this style as it will be an absolute disaster for them. Fringes are essentially meant for straight hair. If curly-haired people go for this style, it will be very difficult for them to maintain it," said Habib.
But stylist Sylvie didn't agree with Habib and said: "If a person with curly hair wants to go for them, she should get it done; all she needs is to do is to put some extra efforts like ironing the fringes or use a straightener."
Another stylist Samantha Kochhar suggested one should add a dash of colour on the fringe to make a style statement.
"One should go for solid colours to colour their bangs; it looks sexy and different, you can make a style statement with it," Kochhar said.
But there is a word of advice from Rozario for those who are ready to go for this ultra-chic look.
"You shouldn't try it before any major function or wedding as it might ruin your day if the style doesn't go well with your face. The cut just falls straight on your face and you cannot even hide it. So better try this cut in advance to escape any fashion disasters," Rozario said.
"Maintaining these fringes also requires time as they grow faster and require regular trimming," he added.

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