Friday, March 27, 2009

Deepika Padukone on Harper Bazzar Mag April Issue

Align RightA gorgeous beach in Phuket, the white sand, the colours of the sun and Deepika Padukone setting the frame on fire…

Could anyone ask for more? Maybe not!

Wait a minute! There is more to this pretty picture. And who would know that better than Harper's Bazaar's Cover Girl Deepika Padukone.

"The weather today has been so hot. Everyone is complaining about the heat," says Deepika.

While most would think shooting in Phuket is a piece of cake, but it's a far cry from that especially when the creative head, Nupur Puri, wanted nothing less than a perfect picture.

And did Deepika deliver, sure she did.
Being the thorough professional, the gal overcame her fears with aplomb.

"There was a shot where I was asked to get into water waist deep. For a second I thought what if a crab or a snake comes near my foot. I was so scared because I just encountered a snake yesterday. But then I said, if it's for the shot and the shot has to look good then I have to forget all these things."

Those are just a few perils of being a cover girl… put everything behind you and smile on every click

While Deepika was braving the heat, the water current and her fear of creepy crawlies, photographer Atul Kasbekar and his assistants were pulling all strings to get the perfect light, the tone and the shot.

"We are primarily shooting backlit. So the entire feel of the feature and the cover is against strong, strong back light. So our entire look and feel is essentially based on the lighting treatment we are working on. So it will be distinctive for this feature," says Kasbekar.

While the model and the photographer both knew their job well, what also added to the final look and feel of the shoot was camaraderie between them.

Deepika was comfortable with Atul and worked like a dream. Atul couldn't stop raving about Deepika's complexion, her Indian looks and her presence in front of the camera.

All in all a welcome change from the regular studio set up that also gave everyone on the shoot a chance to bond.

Even though photographer Atul Kasbekar referred to Deepika Padukone as an "expensive prop" for the shoot, most people would think that the expensive prop sure made for a priceless cover page.

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