Monday, January 21, 2008

Halloween party in Hyderabad

It was Halloween night and folks at this nightclub got down to some real spooky affairs!

Dead men walking, dark spirits and devils rising - the evening had an eerie aura of the other world.

Everyone let their hair down and the sights, were well, hair raising, what else! Actor and model Deepika Padukone was flown down for this party and although she wasn't dressed for the occasion, she cast a spell anyway!

Srikala Reddy seemed to be leading from the front, dressed in a stylised sorceress' dress. Actor Navdeep was here looking every bit a Halloween freak, while Nitin and Bharti sported scary masks through the evening. Others seen enjoying themselves were Dhisha Girglani, Priya, Meer Aga, Meera and more.

OVERHEARD: "It's alright if the skeletons from the closet come out today!"

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