Monday, June 2, 2008

It's strictly Bebo time, folks!

Saif on a four month holiday just to be with lady love

Saif Ali Khan is going all the way to prove his great love for Kareena Kapoor. The time spent with his latest Begum is kinda never enough for the Chhote Nawab.

Now Saif has taken a four month break from acting just to be with her. He is currently with her in Australia where she is shooting for ‘Main aur Mrs Khanna.‘

Saif has completed shooting all the projects he had in hand. He‘s not taking any other project so that he can spend more and more time with Kareena dear.

Now-a-days all stars like to take back to back projects to keep themselves fully busy. But Saif is more interested in spending time with his super slim girl friend.

After Saif and Kareena declared their love for each other they have become inseparable. Saif waits for Kareena when she is shooting and accompanies her wherever she goes. Recently when she fainted on the sets of ‘Golmaal Returns‘ in Goa, Saif was present there to care for her.

Aawww......feeling insecure, huh? Maybe he‘s scared she will leave him for someone else. Or perhaps he doesn‘t trust himself either. At this point he doesn‘t want to fall for another girl‘s charms and get tagged as a serial dater!

The Bitch‘s source says, "Saif has other projects in hand too but he has made it clear that he will start shooting only in August because he wants some time off".

Kareena who is presently shooting all across the globe has got the privilege of having Saif as her constant companion. He makes sure that she eats on time, exercises well and is taking great care of her.

And Kareena sure as hell is enjoying all the attention showered on her. She just can‘t believe her luck.

After the ugly break up with Shahid Kapur, she has not only found true love (which madam K was supposedly hunting for) but a care taker and a personal manager as well.

Another man (this time older and wiser) to boss around with! Cool, no?

Saif also doesn‘t mind her passionate past with Shahid Kapur. All he wants to do is to make the current relationship even more passionate. Some internal competition going on, eh?

Now Saif never seemed to so happy when he was with Amrita Singh, Roza and Bipasha. Wonder what makes him so happy with Kareena! Maybe Kareena‘s bossy nature and the fact that she loves to rule, turns him on even more.

Some men just love to play the docile dog in kinky relationships!

Saif has signed Imtiaz Ali‘s next in which he stars with Deepika Padukone and the shoot of the same will only commence from August. After of course, Nawab Sahab had given enough royal treatment to his beloved! Then he will focus on starting his home production, ‘Agent Vinod‘ directed by Sriram Raghavan.

This sure seems like one hell of a great catch, Bebo!

Well, smart girls know everything about making all the right moves!

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