Monday, June 2, 2008

Deepika, the Fighting Machine

From breaking hearts she has graduated to breaking bones!

Deepika Padukone‘s hot on the circuit and the smart dame is making hay while the sun shines. A big budget debut followed by a Yash Raj film coupled with a string of high profile boyfriends!

Not bad at all. The girl‘s going places, no doubt!

The perfect icing on the cake is her decision to turn full fledged action girl. The buzz is that she has done some deadly stunts in her upcoming movie ‘Chandni Chowk to China‘ where she is opposite Akshay Kumar.

Or is her competition with boyfriend Ranbir not over yet?

Their debut movies hit the theatres on the same day. She already won when ‘Saawariya‘ sucked and ‘OSO‘ rocked, thanks to over the top publicity and SRK! Now even before Ranbir signs a true blue action film, Deepika‘s already into one totally!

Maybe she wants to help him with tips later in his career like how Ash does it with henpecked hubby
Abhi! No wonder they call Ash her big time idol!

In this movie she has a double role, something she has already done in OSO. The Bitch has found out that she had started training in martial arts, right after her debut.

In spite of all the hoopla, her post interval part in OSO stuck out like a sore thumb. Maybe that‘s why she wants to make sure that it doesn‘t happen again. A perfect cover up for the lack of great acting skills!

Deepika specially learnt the art of martial arts for three months in India. Then she went to Shanghai for a seven week training session for the same. She even took lessons from her co-star Akshay Kumar.

It didn‘t end there. She loved to kick a** so much that she requested director Nikhil Advani to let her perform a full song based on the art. Looking at her enthusiasm, Nikhil asked her if she could do some stunts and she happily agreed to do them!

Don‘t be surprised if she turns Charlie‘s Angel in real life too and actually protects Ranbir from the baddies!

Anything to impress would be in- laws, eh girl?

The Bitch‘s birdie informs, "Deepika will sure give many actresses a run for their money. She is extremely talented and the way she has performed those deadly stunts, it‘s like competition to her co-star Akshay as well. Even Akshay complimented her and was stunned after looking at her performance."

That‘s nothing new. Akshay is well known for encouraging female co-stars and giving them nice little compliments. They are just his small ways of flirting!

In the movie produced by Rohan Sippy, Akshay plays a cook who moves from India to China, something quite similar to his own life story. Buzz is that it has some high funda stunts performed by Akshay Kumar too. One of the sequences is shot on the Great Wall of China. The movie promises action, never seen before in Bollywood.

Well, they all promise that. We will only know when the film releases!

By the way, Bollywood heroines have been turning actions heroines with a vengeance. Bachchan Bahurani Aishwarya Rai learnt sword fighting and horse riding and did a great job in her period film ‘Jodhaa Akbar.‘ Priyanka Chopra learnt the Sikh martial arts Gatka for her movie ‘Drona.‘ Even Jiah Khan is expected to do stunts in her upcoming flick ‘Ghajini‘!

Deepika sure wants to prove to be one up on them all. Isn‘t winning all sorts of challenges her favourite hobby?

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