Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deepika Padukone wish to launch her own website

deepika padukone
Deepika Padukone has been declared the most searched celebrity on Yahoo! India. She beat contemporaries like Katrina, Bipasha and Kareena to make it to the most-searched celebrity list of 2008.

The actress also plans to launch her own website soon.

She shares her plans, "I am in the process of putting my website together. I think it's a great medium to reach out to people across the world and keep them updated about my work.

I will use the website to chat with my fans." At the moment, she is in the process of getting her domain name, "We are working out a domain name since my actual name is already being used by some other site."

About being the most searched celebrity she says, "It's an amazing feeling. Even though it isn't something that's ground breaking, it goes to show the love the fans have for me.

I think the fact that people want to read about me and know about my work goes to show the love they have for me."

A late user of the internet, Deepika prefers other modes of communication, "I prefer picking up the phone and talking to the person rather than sending a text message.

It's more simple and takes less time. I use the internet to keep in touch with my family abroad and also checking fan mail. In fact, I reply to each and every mail they send."

Webbed 10

Have you googled yourself ?
No, never felt the need to. Why would I want to read about myself ?

The first time you used the internet...
It was quite late in life. We got a computer home but that too came in our lives pretty late.

Are you on Facebook?
No, neither do I plan to join any such online community. I prefer sending personal mails rather than joining groups.

Do you know the number of pages dedicated to you?
No, I haven't bothered checking that out

How often do you use the Internet?
I carry my laptop with me when I travel outdoors and I strictly use it to keep in touch with family.

Did you ever stumble upon porn while surfing?
Thank god, no!

Three websites you frequent?
There aren't any as such, I mostly stick to sending emails

Have you checked your videos on You Tube?
I am aware of You Tube but am quite scared to check my videos on the site. I think it's a scare for us actors to see random videos of ourselves.

Have you ever been sent spam mail?
Yes, I think so.

Would you call yourself a net addict?
No, I can survive without the internet.

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