Saturday, August 16, 2008

Deepika's new avatar


We hear that Akshay Kumar has inspired Deepika Padukone, his Chandni Chowk To China co-star, to perform her own stunts.

Deepika bravely took up the challenge and performed a dangerous stunt without using the precautionary measure of wires.
Nikhil Advani, the film’s director vouches for Deepika’s courage, “Though it was a novel experience for her, Deepika sailed through the sequence without a flutter. She did it well and did it without using the safety precaution of wirings. We were all bowled over. Of course, Akshay was an inspiration. She worked really hard to get the posture and power right. Those who have seen her in Om Shanti Om will be in for a shock.”

Akshay seemed to have rubbed off some of his love for martial arts to Nikhil as well. He informs, “Before I started making this film, my knowledge of martial art was restricted to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee and the crouching tigers of the world. But Akshay brought out the hidden dragon in me. He made me watch a lot of action films before we left for China.”

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