Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deepika padukone Get Tattooed Again

It was during the shooting of a new film by Ashutosh Gowarikar that this incident took place. According to reports there was a fight sequence being shot for the film ‘Kheleinge Jee Jaan se’, which stars Actress Deepika Padukone.

As the shots were being readied she had her hair tied. Then the shooting started and somewhere midway the director happened to see a tattoo on Deepika’s left shoulder blade. Immediately the cameras were stopped from rolling further and the director asked Deepika to open her hair so that the tattoo would be hidden.

The tattoo was the last remembrance of the Ranbir- Deepika relationship which has gone sour. The tattoo has a RK written with some motif on it. But sadly enough the actress couldn’t say anything to her director and quietly did as she was told to do.

Coming to the director, it is reported that Ashutosh is a very strict one as far as discipline and work are concerned. He does not hesitate to say no when he thinks he has to. So, according to insiders no one can put his or her foot down and command unreasonable things while working under his banner.

So all said and done, it is okay if the rules are followed during the making of a film otherwise how can a film of the magnitude of Jodha Akbar be made ?

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