Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ranbir-Deepika splitvile

Ranbir-Deepika splitvile
In case you were still wondering about the Ranbir-Deepika affair status, lemme tell you darlings, it's OVER. Well, it's true. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are NOT together anymore. And hey, it's not poor li'l Katrina's fault either.

Surprised? Well, let Juicy Mausi tell you what's been going on.

Well, many may say Katrina Kaif was the catalyst to the already topsy-turvy Ranbir-Deepika love story and finally widened the gap between the two. But c'mon children, this IS after all the film industry. People have to come close only if to promote their films and that kind of stuff.
ranbir katrina
It's not even mommy Neetu Kapoor's unhealthy dislike for the actress that has helped push the lovers apart. This Oedipus thing has existed from god knows when. That does not mean people don't have relationships, now does it?

Allow ME to tell you the real reason. Since my grapevine is still fresh and healthy, I hear that Ranbir boy is too charming for Deepika's comfort. Now Deepika had to realise her boyfriend's 'over-friendly' attitude with women sooner or later. And how could she handle it after having put so much into the relationship. I mean, the girl had even stopped talking to her friends Yuvraj Singh and Nihar Pandya, for crying out loud!
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