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Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch Brand

Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch
Earth’s deepest secrets lie in the heart of the ocean and as the human mind is determined to explore these mysteries, it invents technologies that push the limits. Keeping in line with this, Tissot, the prestigious Swiss watch maker launches the Tissot Sea Touch, a divers watch that fulfills all the European Norms- EN13319 stipulated criteria (divers accessories) - luminosity, shock resistance, anti-magnetism, band solidity and the integration of a time control device.

The Tissot Sea-Touch was launched in New Delhi by Tissot Brand Ambassador Deepika Padukone and Vice President Sales, Ulrich Fischer as they inaugurated the exclusive Tissot boutique in Connaught Place today. Blending with the brand image, the boutique reflects the edgy yet serene aesthetic of the Swiss design brand's characteristic obsession with flawless surfaces. The store offers an entire range of the brand's most celebrated products.

Commenting on the new range, Dr Ulrich Fischer said “Touch technology is very now… While Tissot’s T-Touch basic was the world’s first tactile watch, to keep ahead of the competition, it is our endeavor to keep enhancing this technology. With the increasing awareness of Tissot in India, which is reflected in the fact that this is our second boutique in this city, I am sure India will welcome this innovation.”

Flaunting her new time-piece, Tissot Brand Ambassador, Deepika Padukone added “India has a vast landscape and Tissot has a vast variety. On one hand it offers the T-Touch Expert for mountaineers, on the other, we have the Tissot Sea-Touch for Divers. You really can’t ask for more.”

Priced at Rs47300 onwards, this tactile watch provides a selection of important diving data. When the diver enters the water (minimum depth 1m40), the hands go directly to 9 o’clock. Later the minute hand displays the depth of the dive on the scale around the bezel. The hour hand reveals the speed the diver is moving at in meters per minute on the dial.

Excellent visibility comes from highly luminescent material and an effective backlight. Patented technology by Tissot SA on the Sea-Touch ensures that the rubber-protected pushers have double protection and therefore can operate perfectly underwater.
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Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch1
Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch2
Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch3
Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch4
5Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch
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Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch7
Deepika Padukone Launched Tissot Sea Touch8

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