Thursday, October 15, 2009

Neetu Singh finally accepts Deepika Padukone

Yes you have heard it right; Neetu Singh has finally nodded for the love of his son. Initially there was a buzz that Neetu never liked Deepika but in a press conference Ranbir clears the air around.

“In a press conference when media asked Ranbir of whether his mom has accepted Deepika, the actor immediately of course she likes Deepika a lot and started blushing,”

an eye witness informs.

Elaborating more about Deepika and Ranbir rapport our source adds,

“It was seen that Ranbir did not run away from talking about his love life for the first time. He was confident in his talks and answered to all the question of media.”

“When asked about the marriage Ranbir clammily replied that it will happen at the right time,”

concludes the source.

All’s well that end’s well is what we can say

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